Top-One China Exclusive Luxury Handwork Lace Fabrics

Picking the right material for your dress can be a daunting task. This is because you are required to consider several factors such as density, color, breathability, and texture. If you want to make a designer dress then the challenge becomes even tougher because you need to pay attention to small details such as stitching and design. Getting a material that can be easily pieced together can go a long way in making your work easier. It is because of these reasons that Top-One China lace fabric shop was started to supply you with the best material to make that perfect dress. You can get exclusive luxury handwork lace fabrics that you can use to design unique dresses. Below are some of the featured lace fabrics that you should consider buying for yourself.

Featured exclusive luxury handwork lace fabrics 

  • Design number: 12393 – This is a very elegant beaded lace fabric that you can use to make bridal dresses. It has champagne and gold colors that blend in well to bring out a royal and classy vibe. It is a premium quality polyester mesh fabric that has handmade embroidery and beads on it. You can get it in a sizable size that measures 15 yards in length.
  • Design number: 11637 – This is a simple yet elegant 3D floral lace fabric. You can get it in a white and goldish color that are blended perfectly to create a stylish vibe. There is handmade beadwork that is embedded in the lace fabric.

Both lace fabrics are available for sale and you can get them at an affordable price so why not place your order today?


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