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Guangzhou Top-One lace co.ltd is a company that dealing and focusing on embroidery fabrics manufacturing and wholesale for more than 12years.We insist on high quality production,and develp the unique design to guide or meet market request.Our designs and quality is welcome especially by brand dress maker,and designers. In order to show our sincerity, we can give you discount to help you earn more profit.

 If you complete the registration and place an order, you will receive a five-dollar discount, and the system will automatically reduce the five-dollar discount when you pay.


About joining us:
When registering, we divide the registration into “B2B” users and “B2C” users.

B2B users are our VIP users. B2C users are ordinary users.

The VIP Member zone is only for B2B users, and only B2B users can see the products here.
At the same time, B2B users can also get more favorable prices.


How to become a B2B user:
When registering, you need to fill in the address and contact information and submit the registration application
After the registration is completed, the website administrator needs to approve the application to become a B2B user.

You can also contact us through the contact information on the website after the registration is completed, and apply to become a B2B user

How to become a B2C user:
Only need to fill in the email address and password to complete the registration.